Boracay MAHAL Sailing Experience

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Shanghai Daily (Newspaper Clipping)

‘The tiny Philippine island of Boracay is famous for its 4-kilometer-long White Beach and there Zhang Qian met a Shanghai couple who packed it in, bought a yacht and moved to the tropical paradise…’


WOW Philippines (Video Clipping)

The Boracay Sailing Experience’


讲故事的游艇Stories On Board MAHAL



杭州网杭网原创新闻 (Picture Clipping)

你的天堂 我的长滩(图)


MSN 图片频道连接 (Picture Clipping)



东方网图片频道连接 (Picture Clipping)



长滩风土人情的组图 (Picture Clipping)

幻灯图集‘菲律宾长滩岛 — 天堂遗落的踏脚石’



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MAHAL, one of the most elegant and exciting additions to Boracay, is sure to impress you with its accessible Luxury Cruising Lifestyle that you dream of in a lifetime

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