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MAHAL Celebrates Nine Year Anniversary with Ultimate Comfort and Service at Boracay

‘爱之艇 MAHAL’扬帆长滩岛九周年

Celebrating nine years of operation, Luxury Sailing Business specialist Boracay MAHAL Sailing Experience (BMS) is using this significant milestone to reaffirm its longstanding commitment to providing vacationers an unrivalled Sailing in Style experience aboard its 42ft Fountaine Pajot Cruising Catamaran MAHAL at Boracay. From sharing a private Cruising Lifestyle with extraordinary cruise vacation experiences, BMS’ emphasis and focus for this ninth anniversary year, remain on maximizing guests incredible Sailing in Style experience with undoubted Comfort and Service.

庆贺在长滩岛风雨无阻营运九周年奢华航海体验公司 Boracay MAHAL Sailing Experience正以这个重要的里程碑重申其为休闲度假客在42英尺法国制造双体扬帆游艇‘爱之艇 MAHAL’提供无与伦比出海巡航观光体验的长期承诺以与人分享其私家游艇‘美仑美奂’航海度假生活方式这个九周年公司的关注点在于以更舒适与体贴的服务满足客人更多‘如梦似幻’海上巡游体验


Steve and Lilyan, couple and owners of BMS enthuse, “When BMS was founded nine years ago, its mission was exactly the same as it is today – to provide guests on board with the most memorable moments while fulfill their dream vacation at Boracay. We have successfully created and developed an intimate, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere aboard MAHAL and, as pioneers in the Luxury Sailing Business in Philippines, provide a once-in-a-lifetime Sailing in Style experience, regarded by numerous guests and VIPs from around the world as ‘Best Experience Ever at Boracay’”.

夫妻游艇主人 SteveLilyan 充满热情地说道,“一直以来我们为所有有缘登艇的游客们‘爱之艇 MAHAL’上倾情打造的今生难忘‘梦幻假期’,与公司九年前成立时的初衷一点儿没变我们在‘爱之艇 MAHAL’上成功营建出的那份私密惬意舒适轻松的气氛率先在菲律宾岛国为游客提供‘一生一次’私家游艇扬帆出海‘豪华航海’,已获得无数乘客‘长滩岛最佳体验’的交口称赞与不停引荐。”


“We are incredibly proud of our achievements over the past nine years which have been recognized by high-end hotel/resorts at Boracay and luxury travel company/agents in all of Asia as ‘Best of the Best at Boracay’. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the team work, the support of the Boracay community, and our guests. With a product unlike anything else on the island and a passionate while professional team, we know that we’ll continue to develop more unique and unforgettable Sailing in Style experiences for years to comeadded owners Steve and Lilyan.

“我们为过去九年已获得岛上所有高端酒店和度假村及亚洲各豪华旅游公司的认可并誉为‘长滩岛梦想之旅’的成就感到无比的骄傲所有这一切离不开亲密无间的团队合作小岛各阶层的鼎力支持和来自游客们的不断鼓励拥有全岛无可比拟高品质度假体验和一个充满激情的实力团队我们会在将来继续打造出更独特和令人难忘的出海巡游观光体验,”SteveLilyan 补充道


Besides regular Daily Cruises such as Day Sailing (10am to 3pm), Late-Day Sailing (1:30-6:30pm), a Sunset Cruises (4:30-6:30pm), and Full Day Sailing (10:30am to 6:30pm) at Boracay, the company also provides a Beach to Beach Delivery Cruise from Boracay to Coron/Sangat Island of Palawan, Amanpulo of Pamalican Island, and Overnight Charters for vacationers to indulge themselves in an exceptional cruise vacation from/around Boracay.

除了每天扬帆出海的巡游服务五小时的长滩近岛游上午十点至下午三点下午一点半至六点半)、两小时的浪漫夕阳游傍晚四点半至六点半)、和全日八小时的长滩尽兴游上午十点半至下午六点半),公司还提供其他如长滩岛到Palawan北部 CoronSangat 海岛Amanpulo 度假岛的‘海滩目的地直送’,及让游客全身心尽享‘游艇远航包租度假’服务


‘BMS has a wonderful past, but it is the potential of its future that is more excitingsaid Steve and Lilyan. ‘The unique nature of our Sailing in Style experience aboard MAHAL with genuine hospitality, has allowed our guests to come back enjoying an ultimate leisure vacation with us again and again whenever they’re available in the near future.’

“九年来的业绩有目共睹但其未来的发展更让人兴奋,”SteveLilyan 继续道。“‘爱之艇 MAHAL’浪漫巡游时所体会到的真挚友情细腻关照正使得越来越多的游客们一而再再而三地回到我们的游艇与我们继续畅游海阔天空尽享‘顶级’悠闲假期。”